Church of s. trinità

Chiesa della s.s trinità Chiesa della s.s trinità chiesasstrinita

Built in the early 18th century, from one of the many smugglers who at the time were with the nearby Corsica. The statue of the Trinity was imported from Corsica. The Trinity Church was established rural parish in 1813, at the urging of Savoy who saw authority ’ in the creation of new parishes the opportunity to aggregate into a stable nucleus, all the shepherds who lived in numerous pens and cussorgie, and that normally escaped their duties of honest citizens and taxpayers.

The ’ building, with the passage of time, has undergone several restorations and enlargements that have turned into a total system of small primitive rural Chapel. Among the most important the construction of today's Bell ’, in the early 1900s and the restoration of 1984 that led the ’ into the ’ building at its current furnishings.

The old church, In addition to religious services, It is the seat of cultural events sometimes of considerable scope, what the musical festival "Orpheus Surrounded by Myrtle" and art exhibitions among which include: Dürer's engravings (1997), Rembrandt (1998), Chagall and Dali (1999), ricasso (2000). All ’ are housed inside the Church the Simulacra of St. Barbara and St. Ursula ’, from the homonymous dilapidated chapels near the town.