Spanish Tower

Torre Spagnola Torre Spagnola torre

Built around the 1595 (According to other sources 1578) the Spanish Tower of Isola Rossa stands on a promontory at an altitude of about 35 metres above sea level. Built primarily for the purpose of protecting coastal areas from the frequent incursions of Saracen pirates, in the following centuries absolved also prevent, or at least to limit, illegal trade between Sardinia and Corsica. All ’ shadow of her mighty cylindrical grinders were held some important events in the history of Sardinia.

First catch of the Marquis of Cea, in 1672, which attracted to treason in Sardinia, from France, where he was in exile, He was taken along with his other companions of doom, born in Cagliari where, After a summary process, It was delivered into the hands of the executioner; the same happened to the followers of ’ Alternos Giovanni Maria Angioy, that conquered, in June 1802, during the failed attempt to import into the Gallura ideas and the principles of the French Revolution.

Currently the monument, that is still in good condition, is not easily open all internal ’, because the ’ only entrance lies at a height of approximately 5 meters above the ground. The skilled climbers who have the ability to climb up to the upper terrace will enjoy a unique panorama: the entire Gulf of Asinara ’ Southwest, While to the North the gaze sweeps up to the coasts of Corsica where, in the South-Western side you can see the similar Torre di Roccapina, famous for its Lion, built at about the same time ’.