Costa Paradiso

Costa Paradiso Costa Paradiso costaparadiso

About 13 miles from Trinità ’ d Agultu, along the road to Santa Teresa di Gallura e Palau, an extraordinary landscape made of pink granite and dense Mediterranean scrub, thousands of micro creeks, fjords and natural pools where the colors of the sea change from green to blue to deep blue ’, This is Costa Paradiso.

The presence of a residential village well-integrated with the surrounding environment ’, retaining the charm and attractiveness of the area ’ with unique angles and indescribable colours and design.

Of great beauty is the cala di Oak Harbor, almost a natural harbor well protected from winds from levante, with its old stazzo to prove that this area was inhabited even in proximity of the sea.

Deserves a mention apart from the beach Li Cossi, masterpiece that nature has wanted to give to this unforgettable stretch of coast.