Vignola Vignola vignola

Already exists in the Punic and Roman ’ was stood along the road already then went from current ’ Santa Teresa (former Porto Longone) in Porto Torres (former Turris Libissonis). It is a large territory, all ’ which flows the river ’, characterized by a particular hinterland environmental interest since in different areas is still intact, almost wild: an example is the important Zincu forest ’ Teeth spontaneous nature reserve of local flora and fauna.

The coast is characterized by a large number of magical coves, many of which are hidden at first sight, and a sea of unforgettable colours and also rather fishy. A quote worthy of the beach of Cala Sarraina and Cala di also The Cruzitta which, in 1802, saw land men of G. M. Angioy coming from Corsica when the hypothesized revolution failed ’.

The area has renowned vineyards that produce one of the best Sardinian Vermentini: ideal to accompany the typical dishes of seafood as well as the prized fish in the seaside resort of Vignola.