Isola Rossa

Isola Rossa Isola Rossa isolarossa

About 6 km by Trinita d Agultu ’, It takes its name from the ’ island in front of the ’ village. Formed by granite rocks of a colour which goes from pink to deep red. Think it was in antiquity the port ’ a mare born in Hill towns and therefore, towards the end of 500, It was built a lookout tower d ’ to defend the area from pirate raids. From fishing village on rise, today has maintained despite the considerable development, its characteristics of simplicity. There is no shortage of excellent and welcoming tourist structures ready to respond to any desire or need.

Two beautiful beaches only a few minutes: Longa Beach South and The Marinedda North, equipped with services and accommodations. The entire Bay enjoys the protection of ’ island (The ’ Islet), that mark to 400 m approximately from the coast. The modern Marina is capable of giving hospitality to any type of recreational boat.

Its sea is a reference point for divers and fans that can be found both Sandy bottoms that still healthy Rocky, where bream, mullet, moray eels, glances, ombres and also groupers and lobsters are a good habitat. It is not uncommon to see, in the quieter seasons, even dolphins and Atlantic spotted dolphins.